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Principles & Practices of Matrix Management


In order to work effectively in a matrix, there are four areas that need to be addressed: structure, alignment, optimization and leadership. The horizontal or cross-functional dimension of the organization must take priority over the vertical dimension. To do this, there must be a horizontal structure in addition to the vertical one. There must be alignment around the horizontal (around the customer). Business processes and projects must be optimized as these are the work processes that serve customers. The system of accountability and performance management must be rethought. Finally, the way we approach leadership must change.

In this full-day workshop we walk through the principles and practicesthat allow any organization to more effectively and efficiently satisfy customers. Participants learn how the matrix approach to managing an organization differs from the traditional, now obsolete model. This workshops explores both the underlying principles for making a matrix work as well as the required practices.

Participants are asked to identify problems in the organization associated with the old, vertical approach to managing. Then, as we walk through the principles and practices that make matrix management work, participants identify solutions to the problems they identified. Time permitting, participants also create a horizontal map of what the horizontal dimension of their organization look like.

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