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Technical Writing


Learn writing concepts and techniques to write clearer and more effective technical documents.

In this course, you will be introduced to various technical writing concepts that will result in the ability to write clearer and more effective technical documents, be it a user manual, a technical or engineering report, or other technical document. This technical writing technique workshop teaches the basics of writing clear, succinct technical reports. It employs critical thinking as the underpinning, while providing participants with strategies they can use immediately to impact their writing.

Our technical writing course will help writers understand how to write a stylistically correct technical document that flows, is easy to read and use, that uses language effectively, and meets the reader's needs for ease of use and information.

Immediately useful benefits of attending this technical writing course:

  • Proven strategies to plan and write the technical document
  • Effective methods to engage your reader and stay on point
  • Proven techniques to write more concisely and precisely
  • Easy to incorporate approaches to organize to meet readers' needs
  • Valuable tips for writing the various selections of a technical paper
  • Practical, useful editing and proofreading strategies

Who Should Attend:

  • This technical writing course is perfect for you if you are a:
  • Product Owners
  • Project Managers
  • Product Analysts
  • Functional Managers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Corporations
  • Other Organizations
  • Anyone wanting to enhance his/her technical writing skills

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2 Days  

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