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Python for Scientists


This is a 5-day course that provides a ramp-up to using Python for scientific and mathematical computing. Starting with the basics, it progresses to the most important Python modules for working with data, from arrays, to statistics, to plotting results. The material is geared towards scientists and engineers. This is an intense, hands-on, programming class. All concepts are reinforced by informal practice during the lecture followed by lab exercises. Many labs build on earlier labs which helps students retain the earlier material. Python for Programming is a practical introduction to a working programming language, not an academic overview of syntax and grammar. Students will immediately be able to use Python to complete tasks in the real world.


Scientists and engineers who need to manipulate large amounts of data, perform complex calculations, and visualize data in arrays and matrices.

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Students should be comfortable working with files and folders, and should not be afraid of the command line in Linux, Windows, or MacOS

5 Days  

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