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Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Solaris Administrators


Leverage existing Solaris skills to migrate to Red Hat Enterprise Linux

When migrating platforms, it is critical to ensure that in-house professionals have the skills to maximize performance and maintain efficiency across the entire system. Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® for Solaris Administrators (RH290) quickly but completely covers many of the hands-on, practical skills needed when migrating from Sun Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The course focuses on the differences between the two operating systems, covering Red Hat Enterprise Linux equivalents to Solaris-specific technologies, like applying software patches, automating deployment with Kickstart, and using advanced file system features. In addition, the course demonstrates how to use RPM, yum, Red Hat Network (RHN), and Kickstart to manage your environment.

Course content summary

  • Finding documentation and help
  • Controlling the boot process, kernel modules, and initialization
  • Managing the software lifecycle with yum and Red Hat Network
  • Creating and modifying partitions and logical volume management (LVM) volumes
  • Managing and securing access to systems and services
  • Collecting and reporting system information
  • Performing automated installations using Kickstart
  • Saving kernel crash dumps over the network
  • Managing iSCSI disks and using multipath
  • Managing device naming with udev
  • Analyzing systems and services using SystemTap


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  • Experience in Solaris at the power user, network operations, or system administrator level
  • 2 years of Solaris experience installing server operating system and software, troubleshooting servers, and configuring and securing servers and services
3 Days  

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