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SAP BI Training


BW310 Agenda

Version 3.0

Course Goals

This course will prepare you to:

. DefinetheSAP BW data model in order to fulfill the information

requirements of your company

. Configure a BW system in preparation for its implementation and use

. Extract, load, and transfer data from different data sources

. Use SAP Business Content to speed up the implementation of SAP BW


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After completing this course, you will be able to:

. Describe the architecture of SAP BW and explain its advantages.

. Manage meta data

. Define new InfoObjects, DataSources, and InfoSources

. Create transfer rules and update rules

. Define data targets or InfoProviders

. Schedule and monitor data loading processes within SAP BW

. Activate Business Content

. Simple data reconciliation using BEX reports

5 Days  

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