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SAS Macro Programming


Macros allow for more efficient coding of repetitive tasks and add significant flexibility to SAS code.  This course is designed to provide the experienced SAS programmer with the skills necessary to define and call SAS Macros, define Macro variables and use automatic and user defined Macro variables.  A variety of practical examples of Macros will be presented and solved in a lecture/workshop environment.

Course Objectives:

After completing the course the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the uses of the SAS Macro language
  • Use automatic and user defined Macro variables
  • Define and call Macros
  • Understand global and local referencing environments
  • Conditionally execute SAS programs and Macros using Macro programming statements
  • Use Macro functions
  • Create Interactive Macros

Who Should Attend:

SAS Programmers with a firm knowledge of SAS Fundamentals or have completed the SAS Fundamentals workshop, and system editor familiarity

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A solid working knowledge of data processing and SAS programming It is preferable to use SAS for 6-9 months before attending this course.



2 Days  

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Comments on the Course

The SAS workshops have all been developed in house by our consultant/instructors.  Our instructors hold SAS Certifications in V8 and keep current through SAS Workshops and Consulting projects.  We offer a wide variety of on-site training courses.  All of our courses are modularized so the curriculum can be tailored to meet your training needs.