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SAS Advanced Processing


This course is designed for the experienced SAS programmer who needs to solve more complex problems. The course builds upon the concepts presented in the SAS FUNDAMENTALS course.   Emphasis is placed on efficient data manipulation in the Data Step using SAS functions and SAS programming statements. Data will be summarized both in the Data Step and through the use of PROC SUMMARY.  A variety of practical examples will be presented and solved in a lecture/workshop environment. 

Course Objectives:

After completing the course the participant will be able to:

  • Use SAS software to read complex files
  • Read and process multiple files
  • Understand advanced data step techniques
  • Use arrays
  • Use DO LOOPS
  • Understand advanced formats
  • Read, merge and update SAS data sets
  • Use functions to manipulate data
  • Use the data step to summarize data
  • Use PROC SUMMARY to summarize data
  • Write efficient programs


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Firm knowledge of SAS Fundamentals or the SAS Fundamentals Workshop

2 Days  

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Comments on the Course

The SAS workshops have all been developed in house by our consultant/instructors.  Our instructors hold SAS Certifications in V8 and keep current through SAS Workshops and Consulting projects.  We offer a wide variety of on-site training courses.  All of our courses are modularized so the curriculum can be tailored to meet your training needs.