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Mastering SQL Server Administration & Optimization


This course teaches you to quickly master:

  • The Architecture
  • Databases using GUI and T-SQL
  • Centralized Management
  • The SQL Profiler/Performance Studio
  • Security Configuration
  • Automated Administration
  • Job, Operators, and Alerts
  • Improving Querie Performance
  • Installation Troubleshooting
  • Implementing Indexes
  • Database Mirroring
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • And Many More Tools

Master tools to effectively deal with your real-world SQL hurdles: creation, management, monitoring, and more

  • As the premier enterprise database product, Microsofts SQL Server is not a new product. Professionals have relied on it for years to create and manage databases. Its capabilities have grown considerably over the years into a powerhouse of tools for those who know what theyre doing. But If youre creating a database using SQL Server, no matter which version, youve got a lot to know. In this two-day program, you will discover and take advantage of the hidden opportunities of SQL. This program, specifically designed for the busy manager or director, offers an intense update of how to use SQL tools to your advantage in your own situation immediately. Youll get right to the important stuff  what you need to monitor and manage your database, great tools like Performance Studio, Systems Monitor, Database mirroring, and much more. All are key to creating and administering the flexible, reliable database you need.

The nuts-and-bolts mastery you need for a real-world database  this is not a test prep course!

Youll dive right in. This is two full days of intensive examination and technical know-how that will kickstart your SQL project and give you the information you need to create and manage a fluid and reliable database within your existing structure. You will understand the architecture and features of Microsofts enterprise database product as you see how to create databases, tables, views, indices, and more. Youll know how to properly use its tools to make things easier no matter which version youre working with. Whether rebuilding your current database or employing SQL Server for the first time, youll leave with the skill sets and know how to get it done right. From planning to implementation to monitoring...you can be a turbocharged SQL Server Administrator.

Twenty-Four Powerful Demonstrations

Get what you need to know firsthand from an expert  Key deliverables with no time wasted!

  • Detailed examination of features and benefits of Microsofts enterprise database product  effectively implement and maintain SQL Server
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of SQL Server will be reduced  learn to automate administrative tasks
  • Share information with non-Microsoft database and data analysis products
  • Assure data security with security configuration procedures
  • Enforce regulatory compliance using built-in tools in SQL Server
  • Centralized management of multiple servers made easier with CMS Servers
  • Detect, locate and better react to poor performing queries, and improve performance
  • Implement indexes properly at the point of database creation
  • Better create and manage the integrated SQL database for the long haul

Immediate SQL Server skills and benefits of attending this two-day comprehensive program

  • 1.Know how to work with all versions of SQL Server in your environment, covering 2005, 2008, and 2008 R2 Server in this program
  • 2.Reduce administration time by automating some administration tasks with PowerShell, allowing more time for other projects
  • 3.Learn to Script SQL tasks so they dont require manual interaction by using the command line SQLCMD tool
  • 4.Know how to create SSIS packages to automate complex ETL tasks for data moves, copies and transformations
  • 5.Choose the right backup type for your configuration to ensure that your recovery process works properly
  • 6.Master the steps required to restore a database, avoid common mistakes that result from data lose
  • 7.Understand how indexes truly work, choose the right index for your needs
  • 8.Know which table columns should be indexed, create indexes a performance benefit
  • 9.Learn to use the System Monitor to view performance statistics and easily find the bottlenecks in your servers performance, then tune it properly
  • 10.Capture baseline performance information for analysis using the logging features of Windows Server
  • 11.Troubleshoot your SQL problems faster by understanding its architecture in detail
  • 12.Configure SQL Server instance-level settings and tweak the SQL Server to perform the work you require  with great consistency and at a high level
  • 13.Create databases using GUI and T-SQL and understand which is better to use in your application
  • 14.Use the SQL Profiler to locate T-SQL queries running against your SQL Server and trap problems such as blocks and deadlocks
  • 15.Learn to use the Database Engine Tuning Advisor and the correct advice for performance tuning solutions
  • 16.Master the new SQL Server 2008 features  utilize and benefit from the features you have at your disposal and for future installations
  • 17.Create databases with longevity of use in mind  avoid employing features that will soon be eliminated
  • 18.Know how to use WSRM or the Resource Governor to manage resource consumption by multiple instances on a single server or manage connections with an instant
  • 19.Centralize management efforts and reduce the cost of ownership for your SQL Servers
  • 20.Identify and understand the key elements of Policy-Based Management and how to properly implement it


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2 Days  

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