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Hands-On Mastering SharePoint 2007 Customization for Enterprise Deployments


Using SharePoint Designer to transform out of the box SharePoint to meet YOUR applications

In this class, you will learn:

  • Tools, applications and skills required
  • Utilizing SharePoints full capabilities
  • Customizing SharePoint Navigation
  • Building custom views with Data View Web Parts
  • Customizing Master Pages
  • Creating workflows for automation
  • Using InfoPath forms in SharePoint
  • Using Built in Workflows in SharePoint
  • Creating Workflows with SharePoint
  • The Business Data Catalog
  • SharePoint Web Parts
  • SharePoint Modifications

Unleash SharePoints Potential For Your Organizations

One of the benefits of implementing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is the flexibility it offers to create custom solutions...but theres a lot to know. MOSS allows developers and designers to construct solutions to fit the needs of an individual organization. SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, Visual Studio.NET and SharePoint APIs will allow you to modify SharePoint behaviors and customize the platform to suit your specific needs. You have the tools at hand, if you know how to use them. SharePoint can only be as effective as you make it! This course will give you the skills to make SharePoint your own using SharePoint Designer.

Customization Skills In Three Days Of Hands-On Labs

This lab-intensive three-day program will zero in on customizing SharePoints look and feel, creating custom workflows, designing InfoPath forms, and accessing external data through the Business Data Catalog. You will create real-word workflow templates for SharePoint-based business solutions. You will also learn how to program against the SharePoint Workflow API and how to integrate input forms using InfoPath forms.

In addition, youll connect a data source to SharePoints Business Data Catalog, utilizing this vital feature. You'll know how much is available to you in the SharePoint APIs and understand the depth that Microsoft has created with more than 3000 SharePoint services available. You'll cover a lot of ground, and enjoy a productive skill-building experience. Learn to take SharePoint to its fullest potential.

Skills You Will Put Into Immediate Action:

  • 1.Understand the tools, applications and skills required for customizing SharePoint environments
  • 2.Understand and utilize the powerful capabilities of SharePoint Designer
  • 3.Understand and customize SharePoint navigation
  • 4.Build custom views with Data View web parts
  • 5.Customize your SharePoints look and feel with custom Master Pages
  • 6.Customize your SharePoint pages with page layouts and themes
  • 7.Understand the different methods to create workflows for automation
  • 8.Learn to create advanced workflows with the Workflow Designer
  • 9.Use InfoPath and SharePoint Form Services to create advanced forms
  • 10.Integrate InfoPath forms and SharePoint Workflows to automate recurring business processes
  • 11.Use the Business Data Catalog to access external data from other Line of Business applications

LABS: Every student will be provided with a completely outfitted laptop to use for the intense hands-on labs.

Who Should Attend this Course:

If youre attempting to change the look and feel of your SharePoint environment, you need to attend. Using Designer, youll learn to dramatically customize SharePoint to meet your businesss image and standards. Those who will benefit most include:

  • SharePoint Administrators
  • Project Managers
  • Web Designers
  • SharePoint Power Users
  • Network Administrators
  • Network Managers
  • System Administrators
  • System Managers

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3 Days  

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