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Microsoft Silverlight 4 Training


Silverlight 4.0 makes it possible for developers to create rich, interactive applications delivered through a Web browser to nearly any client operating system, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. This course introduces the basics of creating and hosting Silverlight applications, working through many of the important controls, through binding Silverlight applications to live data. This course then moves beyond the basics to cover working through some more advanced controls, more graphic issues including shapes, geometries, brushes, transforms, and animations, through deploying Silverlight applications.

In this course, you will:

  • Investigate Silverlight application templates, designer and controls in
  • Examine the Silverlight layout system
  • Work with each of the simple and more complex, Silverlight controls
  • Using styles and resources to create consistent, visually interesting applications
  • Extend binding to work with data
  • Investigate more of the built-in controls
  • Learn to create and use shapes and geometries, and the powerful Path element
  • Deploy Silverlight applications
  • Work with Expression Blend 4
  • Add animation techniques
  • Work with the DataGrid control

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This course assumes that students have some programming background and experience using Visual Studio 2010. This course assumes knowledge of a CLS language (Visual C#), of the .NET Framework, and the current (or a prior) version of Visual Studio.

5 Days  

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