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Ranorex Test Automation Workshop


Ranorex provides an all-in one environment for creating and running automated tests for many popular software environments, application frameworks, and mobile devices. It enables teams to set up robust test automation regardless of their programming or scripting experience. Because Ranorex tests applications from a user's perspective, even manual UI testers can take advantage of the power of automated tests. Ranorex offers complete flexibility with code-free testing for non-programmers as well as a professional API for more sophisticated test automation needs.

Participants begin by recording and replaying simple tests against desktop and web applications, learning how many of the same techniques can be used for testing different software environments. As the course proceeds, students continue to enhance and refine these tests, adding validation steps, creating modular tests from reusable components, and using external data sources to form iterative, data-driven tests. Other exercises introduce and provide practice with Ranorex's powerful object recognition, error-management, and reporting capabilities.

This course will include a voucher for the Ranorex Certification exam. The Ranorex Certification Exam tests your competence in working with Ranorex Studio, the Ranorex Recorder, creating data-driven tests, working with the Ranorex Repository, understanding Ranorex Reporting, standalone test execution and RanoreXPath expressions. 

  • Explore the power and capabilities of the Ranorex Test Automation Suite.
  • Discover how easily manual tests can be turned into repeatable automated tests.
  • Create self-validating tests.
  • Use the same test automation techniques for desktop, web, and mobile tests.
  • Create tests for even the most complex user interfaces.
  • Build tests that are resilient in the face of software changes.
  • Create test suites that can be run independently as part of build and continuous integration processes.
  • Generate reports that present your test status at a glance.
  • Use your time savings to build more powerful tests that find more difficult bugs.
  • Make the test development process more challenging and more fun!

Who Should Attend

This course is for the beginning to intermediate Ranorex user, with skillsets ranging from business analysts and manual testers through test automation engineers. Programming skills are not needed.

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Although previous experience with Ranorex is not required, professionals with current Ranorex experience will find the course to be full of tips and techniques for getting the most out of the Ranorex test automation framework.

2 Days  

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