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Software Testing Automation


Studies indicate that as many as two-thirds of organizations fail with their test automation. These organizations selected the wrong tools, placed the wrong people on the automation project, or failed to appreciate what is required to get a real return from the tool investment.

In this seminar, you will examine both the promise and the difficulties of automation. Its overall objective is to help you in a practical manner to make informed decisions about whether, where and how to best utilize these tools. The course will help you develop an effective strategy for automated testing in your particular situation. You will discover the benefits of automation, and also identify the costs, risks and traps for the unwary.

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Who Should Attend:

  • Software testers/Quality Assurance professionals
  • QA managers
  • Software development professionals
  • Software development managers
  • Maintenance professionals
  • End users
  • All others concerned with the automation of testing and quality assurance.
1 Day  

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Attend and receive this FREE and continually updated directory of 250+ automated test and quality assurance tools. Each entry in the directory includes a brief functional description of the tool, vendor contact information, price, environment, platform and software information. Developed by William E. Lewis, founder of Smartware Technologies, and author of "Software Testing and Continuous Quality  Improvement". Smartware specializes in advanced software testing and automated requirements review tools to improve quality and productivity.