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The Test Automation Workshop


Maximize Your Automation Investment

Whether you are considering a solution or have one already established, this software testing training course will provide you with the critical tools, strategies, tactics and techniques to significantly increase the performance of your automated testing practice and maximize your return on investment. Automation is software  but it is also a tactical and strategic framework, and your requirements must directly support that framework. Knowing how to find the right software, understanding which framework matches your needs, and implementing them both correctly will enable you to achieve significant ROI  but it is much easier said than done.

From Conceptualization to Implementation.

This two-day software testing training course was developed as a detailed roadmap for successful test automation deployment. You will get a comprehensive examination of both commercial and open-source solutions and how they can be applied to both traditional applications and specialized testing initiatives. You will learn how to properly evaluate, implement and gain sustainable utilization for your system. You will get invaluable tips, tricks, and techniques for all stages  from conceptualization to implementation. Attendees will leave this software testing training class with developed documents that will provide a quick start when you return to the office.

Get Training from an Expert

Jerry Durant has been involved in IT for over 30 years, has authored The Testing Tools Reference Guide published by SingleSource, and authored the first training program on the subject of Test Automation. He has taught throughout the world to over 2000 technical professionals. "Practical, applicable and effective" are words that participants have used countless times to characterize their training experience with Jerry. You can count on getting the right information to solve your most pressing automation challenges in this two-day software testing training workshop.

In-Class Group Exercises

Critical information and pragmatic tips and techniques to successful software test automation. You get a solutions-based program taking you through the entire automation lifecycle from strategy, initiation, and evaluation to implementation, utilization and replacement.

Learn how to:

  • Create and standardize automation test scripts
  • Use pragmatic and proven automation approaches for any commercial or internally developed testing tool
  • Successfully incorporate automation into both traditional and specialized testing initiatives and for web, client/server, mainframe and character-base applications
  • Get the most productivity and effectiveness out of your automation solution
  • Develop and maintain a test automated framework within your daily time constraints
  • Protect yourself against false-positives in automation use
  • Use new evaluation and selection techniques, move beyond the past practices (demo and select) to the goal of full/complete connection between the tool and your test environment
  • Incorporate best practices for Data Acquisition tools, Static Analyzer tools, Dynamic Analyzer tools, Simulators, Test Management tools, and Multi-Dimensional tools

20 Immediate Benefits of Attending You Can Immediately Use:

  • 1.Develop automation scripts and learn the ten deadly sins of writing scripts
  • 2.Incorporate an automation framework which can be easily maintained
  • 3.Learn about the vast array of tools that are available
  • 4.Develop a design for your tool sets and how they will interact and be applied
  • 5.Protect yourself against false positives in automation use
  • 6.Avoid common mistakes in the tool evaluation process
  • 7.Learn how to establish a connection between tool technologies and the test process you wish to support with the tool
  • 8.How to handle specializations like ERP, Web, and Global Testing
  • 9.Break the old evaluation practices and incorporate a new evaluation paradigm that will enable you to align your tool with your framework
  • 10.Go through the entire automation lifecycle in class from strategy to replacement
  • 11.Effectively capitalize on automation opportunities
  • 12.Avoid purchasing a solution that becomes "shelf-ware"
  • 13.Learn how to build and sustain a test automation strategy
  • 14.Develop an appreciation for foundations in regression scripting
  • 15.Learn implementation practices for data acquisition, static analyzer, dynamic analyzer, test management, multidimensional and simulator tools
  • 16.Bridge the gap between manual tasks and automation use
  • 17.Get a comprehensive examination of both commercial and open source tools
  • 18.Take classroom exercise documentation back to the office and get a powerful start to your automation initiation or efficiency project
  • 19.Formulate a cost/benefit justification for tool acquisition
  • 20.Understand how to measure tool utilization so you can monitor over or under use

Who Should Attend:

If you are planning to deploy or have already deployed a Test Automation solution this software testing training class will provide you the tools, techniques, knowledge and skills to get the maximum value out of your system.

The following professionals would benefit from this program.

  • Software Testers
  • Testing Managers
  • QA Manager/Director
  • IT Manager/Director making testing application decisions
  • IT Manager/Director who has a testing application and wants to use it better
  • Software Project Manager
  • Application Development Director
  • Programmers
  • Business Systems Architect
  • Business Analyst

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2 Days  

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