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T1/T3 Training


Course Description

A vast majority of Telecommunications companies use T1 (DS1) and Fiber Optic network systems as the primary method of transporting voice and data on their transmission networks therefore, having well trained technicians with the ability to install, maintain and troubleshoot these systems is vital to providing high-quality reliable service to customers in a highly competitive environment.

This 2-day Hands-On course is an intense training experience that combines T1, T3 and fiber

optics theory and operations with Hands-On troubleshooting.

Students learn how these systems work, then are required to use the knowledge to test, troubleshoot and repair the circuits.

The Theory, Operations and Functions of T1 and T3 Systems, including Channel

Banks, Muxes, and Crossconnects.

        How to use T1 and T3 Test Equipment To Monitor, Troubleshoot and Repair Network Circuits.

  •         How T1 and T3 Circuits network into Fiber Optic Systems.
  •         The Need For Network Synchronization (BITS) Systems.
  •         Special Circuits, such as Analog Data, DDS, Fractional T-1 and ISDN.
  •         T1 Framing, Line Coding, Signaling and Alarm Signals.
  •         T1 Circuit Layout from the Network, through the Central Office, the T1 or HDSL Span Line, to the Customer Premise and the NIU SmartJack.
  •         Hands-On Testing of T1 Circuits using T1 Test Sets and Standard Test Patterns at
  •         the DSX-1 Crossconnect and other Test Access Points.
  •         T3 Theory and Operation, Including Multiplexers, DSX-3 Crossconnects And SONET
  •         Fiber Optic Equipment.
  •         Hands-On Testing Of T3 Circuits Using T3 Test Sets and Standard Test Patterns.
  •         Network Synchronization Systems using BITS Clock Equipment in the Central Office and Stratum-1 Timing Reference Sources, Such As GPS.
  •         T1 and T3 Test Sets are covered extensively to give the Student confidence in using their test equipment to test and troubleshoot

Target Audience

This training course is intended for telecommunications technicians responsible for installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of T1, T3 and fiber optic equipment and circuits both in the local loop and the network, including Customer Premise, Span Line and Central Office locations.



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3 Days  

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