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Veritas Storage Foundation and Cluster Server 6.0 on Unix


In this course you learn to integrate, operate, and make the most of Veritas Storage Foundation (SF), including Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) and Veritas File System (VxFS), in a UNIX environment.

You learn to install and configure Veritas Storage Foundation and to manage disks, disk groups, and volumes by using a variety of SF user interfaces including the Veritas Operations Manager (VOM) Web console. You also learn about recovery from disk failures, online file system administration including data compression and deduplication, remote mirroring across sites, offline and off-host processing using volume snapshots and storage checkpoints, and dynamic storage tiering using the SmartTier feature.

This class also covers how to use Veritas Cluster Server to manage applications in a high availability environment. After gaining the fundamental skills that are needed to manage a highly available application in a cluster, you deploy VCS in a lab environment to implement a sample cluster design.

Course Objectives

By the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Install and configure Veritas Storage Foundation.
  • Configure and manage disks, disk groups, and volumes.
  • Administer file systems.
  • Install Veritas Operations Manager and manage multiple Storage Foundation servers.
  • Monitor VxVM tasks and change volume layouts to improve performance.
  • Manage the dynamic multipathing feature.
  • Identify types of disk failure and resolve disk failures.
  • Create and manage point-in-time copies for off-host and on-host processing.
  • Optimize storage utilization using advanced features, such as file system data compression and file system deduplication.
  • Remotely mirror your data across different sites.
  • Use the SmartTier feature for optimal storage allocation.
  • Replicate a Veritas File System using the Veritas File Replicator option on a Linux platform.
  • Install VCS and create a cluster.
  • Configure service groups and resources.
  • Implement and verify failover and failback capability for application, storage, and network services.
  • Configure and optimize cluster behavior.
  • Protect data in a shared storage environment.
  • Configure VCS to manage an Oracle database, an NFS share, and other applications.
  • Implement four-node clusters.
  • Configure service group dependencies and workload management.
  • Implement alternative network configurations.

Who Should Attend

This course is for:

  • UNIX system or network administrators, system engineers, technical support personnel, and system integration/development staff who will be installing, operating, or integrating Veritas Storage Foundation.
  • System administrators, system engineers, network administrators, system integration or development staff, and technical support personnel who will be working with Veritas Cluster Server.

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  • You must have experience as a system and network administrator working in a UNIX environment.
5 Days  

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