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Visual C++ Windows Programming for Structured Programmers


This intensive course teaches C++ and Windows programming using Visual C++ and the Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC). The course consists of two modules.

In the first module object oriented concepts are introduced. The Visual C++ development environment is demonstrated. The C++ class construct is introduced and its key features elaborated step-by-step, providing full implementation of abstract data types. C++ memory management is discussed. Function and operator overloading and the use of references are covered. The scope and access control mechanisms of C++ are described. Inheritance is introduced. The use of virtual functions to implement polymorphism is discussed.

The second module covers the essential elements of Windows programming via an object oriented approach using Visual C++ and the MFC. The basic structure of Windows programs and the MFC encapsulation is explained, and then the power of MFC and the Visual C++ development environment is exploited to build working Windows applications. The student will gain experience using the Visual Studio, AppWizard, and ClassWizard. Fundamental Windows programming topics are covered, including the mouse, keyboard, Graphics Device Interface, controls, dialog boxes, menus, toolbars and status bars. The document/view architecture is introduced. A fundamental approach is taken to understanding MFC, building programs by making direct calls to MFC before using automated tools.

Extensive example programs and lab exercises are provided using Visual C++ 6.0, including some larger scale, cumulative exercises. A file is provided containing all the examples and laboratory exercises in the course.

After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Learn object oriented concepts necessary to understand the Visual C++ approach to developing Windows applications.
  • Acquire a working knowledge of C++ programming.
  • Learn use of the Visual C++ development tools, Developer Studio, AppWizard, and ClassWizard
  • Gain a basic understanding of the structure of the Microsoft Foundation Class Library
  • Acquire a working knowledge of Windows programming using Visual C++ and MFC

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Strong structured programming knowledge and experience

5 Days  

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