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IBM WebSphere Message Broker V8 Application Development II


This course is an intermediate-level continuation of the topics that were introduced in  WebSphere Message Broker V8 Application Development I (KT-WM664G)

This course extends your knowledge of the WebSphere Message Broker product, focusing on using WebSphere Message Broker to develop, deploy, and support platform-independent message flow applications. These applications use various messaging topologies to transport messages between service requestors and service providers, and also allow the messages to be routed, transformed, and enriched during processing.

Topics in this course include writing message flows that use web services, working with JMS transports, modeling and testing messages with the Data Format Description Language (DFDL), and aggregating messages from multiple sources. You also learn how to extend message flows to interact with FTP servers and other products, and how to use the publish/subscribe messaging topology. They implement built-in patterns and learn how to develop, test, and deploy user-defined patterns. You also learn how WebSphere Message Broker interacts with other products, and how to use the record and replay facility to capture and view messages during processing. Extensive labs throughout the course enable you to practice your new skills.

The lab environment for this course uses the Windows platform.


This intermediate course is designed for experienced integration specialists and senior-level developers with experience in WebSphere Message Broker application development.


  • Expose a message flow as a web service
  • Request a web service from within a message flow
  • Generate Web Services Description Language (WSDL) files from MRM message definitions
  • Explain how WS-Addressing and WS-Security standards can be implemented in WebSphere Message Broker
  • Explain how WebSphere Message Broker implements publish and subscribe
  • Explain how to use Java Message Services as a transport protocol within WebSphere Message Broker
  • Explain the various aspects of securing a WebSphere Message Broker environment
  • Explain how to configure security enabled message processing nodes
  • Describe the actions that the message flow security manager takes when a security enabled message processing node calls it
  • Explain how to construct and extend a user-defined pattern
  • Describe how to build pattern plug-ins
  • Explain how to package and distribute a pattern archive
  • Explain message aggregation
  • Explain the processing nodes that are used to implement message aggregation in a message flow
  • Describe the use of file processing nodes for use in specific applications, including WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition, FTP, and IBM Sterling Connect:Direct
  • Describe the use of the record and replay facility to capture and review messages that a message flow processes
  • Explain how WebSphere Message Broker applications can be used in conjunction with WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus, WebSphere Service Registry and Repository, IBM Process Server, and Tivoli Federated Identity Manager
  • Describe how to access Microsoft .NET and Common Language Runtime facilities from WebSphere Message Broker message flows
  • Describe how to use DFDL to model text and binary messages independent of their format
  • Explain how to use the DFDL schema editor to create, edit, and test DFDL message models

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You should successfully complete:

 IBM WebSphere Message Broker V8 Application Development I (KT-WM664G) ,

Which introduces fundamental WebSphere Message Broker development topics that are necessary for success in this course.

3 Days  

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