KT-9285 Windows XP Professional: Level 1 Training - Minneapolis, Minnesota IT MN Technical Financial New York, NY
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Windows XP Professional: Level 1


This course provides a broad foundation for students so that they will have a greater awareness and confidence using personal computers. Students will gain practical information and skills, such as what a computer is, how to manage personal files and folders that they create, and how to use many of the programs that come with Windows XP. Upon Completion of this course student will be able to:

  • Use fundamental personal computing terminology.
  • Use fundamental Windows XP skills.
  • Use Windows Explorer to manage files and folders.
  • Use common Windows XP program techniques by working with several programs at the same time

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There are no prerequisites for this course.

1 Day  

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Comments on the Course

Windows XP: Level 1 is one of two Knowledge Transfer titles that address the module 1 (Computing Fundamentals) objectives of the Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) program. Modules 2 (Key Applications) and 3 (Living Online) objectives are addressed in other classes. Certification candidates must pass three exams--one associated with each module--in order to earn IC3 certification.