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Hands On WiFi Tuning and Troubleshooting


WiFi product vendors want you to think wireless network installation and management is easy. The reality is much different. From design considerations like antenna options and transmission power settings to bridging, where you have to calculate loss and gain through cables, there are numerous technology challenges to overcome. You want to get the most benefit out of your wireless network deployment, and to do so you need a solid understanding of the technology so you can optimize and troubleshoot the environment.

To get the full benefit from wireless networking, you have to know how to install, monitor, manage and troubleshoot for optimal performance. You need to understand RF fundamentals so you can manage different interference types and understand how to model and measure RSSI, noise level, and signal-to noise ratio (SNR). You want your Access Point Configuration setup optimized for coverage and performance requirements. And dont forget Bridging and Power over Ethernet (PoE) issues. Each piece of a total wireless solution can become your weakest link, significantly reducing your solutions overall performance. It isnt specific products that make a solution effective as much as it is the tuning and troubleshooting. A wireless solution becomes an impediment if you cant effectively tune and optimize each component of the solution.

Hands-on WiFi Tuning & Troubleshooting is designed to help you understand the unique troubleshooting and optimization challenges associated with 802.11 wireless networks. Youll learn to use a variety of tools to identify and isolate WiFi network problems. Youll also learn how to optimize network performance to meet current and future application requirements, including VoIP over WiFi (VoWiFi). You will explore all performance-related configurable parameters, and the effects of improperly configuring any part of your overall wireless solution.





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2 Days  

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You Receive the Wireless Troubleshooting ToolkitTM FREE

·         Orinoco Classic Gold Wireless Ethernet Card

·         Get access codes to download an evaluation copy of Ekahau Site Survey 2.1(tm)

·         Linux Boot CD with Open-Source Wireless Site Survey Tools

Plus, youll receive an additional CD containing a collection of freewaretools and recent versions of commercial tools as used in the class.*

*This class does not seek to commercially promote or endorse any specific product.