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XML: Document Object Model


This course introduces the XML Document Object Model's level 1.0 specification and the Microsoft implementation of it. The DOM specification is maintained by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) so this course will present the core DOM as they've defined it. Microsoft, a leader in implementing the DOM in the real world, has provided numerous extensions to the core DOM, and this course will present those as well. It assumes knowledge of the basics of the emerging XML family of technologies, although a brief review is included. Students will learn the basic objects, properties, and methods of the DOM, the role the DOM plays in XML application programming, how to use the DOM in basic XML programming examples, and where the DOM seems to be headed in future versions. Example client-side code will be used for the most part, although some server-side examples using ASP and ADO will also be presented (Lesson 6). Code examples are given in VBScript, but some examples are also provided JavaScript.

Students will learn the basics of the XML DOM (Document Object Model). The base objects, high-level objects, and Microsoft parser objects will all be covered. In each case, the properties, methods, collections, and events of each object will be presented and discussed. Because Microsoft's implementation of the XML DOM provides numerous valuable extensions, these will also be presented. Hands-on tasks with some of these objects and their members will demonstrate how to program with the XML DOM.

This course is for anyone already introduced to the basics of XML and its related technologies, and who is interested in XML programming. Such a student should also have experience as a Web developer, using both client-side and server-side scripting, and an understanding of basic programming concepts.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Name and describe the purposes of the various parts of the emerging world of XML related technologies.
  • Understand and assess the nature of the XML DOM and model various kinds of traditional data as DOM hierarchies.
  • Use the specific methods and properties of the numerous higher-level objects of the XML DOM, such as the Document, Element, and Attribute objects.
  • Use additional Microsoft extensions such as the ParseError and HttpRequest objects.
  • Use the XML DOM in conjunction with simple examples of ASP and ADO scripts.


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This course will review the emerging world of XML technologies. However, some familiarity with basic XML concepts would be helpful.

A thorough knowledge of VBScript, JavaScript, DHTML, ASP, and ADO/SQL concepts and syntax would also be very helpful, but is not required for this course, as the code examples used are very simple. Code examples are given in the book are given in VBScript, and versions of some of the examples are provided in JavaScript as well, so a total lack of familiarity with these languages could slow down some students.



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