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Oxygen/DITA overview

  • What is Oxygen
  • What is DITA
  • How they work together
  • Accessing the DITA Spec

Basic DITA Concepts

  • Maps, concepts, tasks, reference, topic topics
    • Why ditamaps are better than bookmaps
  • Elements and attributes


  • Editor mode is the only one you should need. You won’t be using XSLT, XQuery, or Database.


  • Configure Toolbars
    • Suggest: Author, DITA Map, Edit, File, Navigation, Search, Transformation


  • Manipulate and save your layout
    • Window/Save Layout
  • Outline view
    • Shows and lets you select all the elements in the topic.
  • Entities view
    • A list of commonly used entities. Double click to add it to your topic or map.
    • You can type in your own entity codes. For example, € = €
    • Easier: Use Edit – Insert from Character Map
  • Elements view
    • Shows all the legal elements for where your cursor is at the moment.
  • Attributes view
    • Shows all the legal attributes for where your cursor is at the moment.
    • Some attributes have predefined values, which you can see from the drop down list. Some you get to define yourself. Just type in the value.
  • DITA Maps Manager
    • Icons
    • Add/delete files from the map
    • Differences between Map Manager and Map Editor

Edit Modes

  • Save*
  • Shortcuts
    • Menu shortcut keys (Options – Menu Shortcut Keys)
  • Validations
    • Oxygen validates as you go.
  • Text
    • Add text
    • Add elements and attributes
    • Thumbnail help
    • Add/delete comments
    • Errors
    • Identifying
    • Fixing
  • Grid
    • Never used it.
  • Author
    • Add text
    • Add elements and attributes
    • Add/delete comments
    • Tables
    • Errors (not really possible)
  • Transformations
    • Configure (do we need this?)
    • Apply transformation scenario


  • Keys
    • Two quick examples
  • Conrefs or Conkeyrefs
    • How to do both
    • Why one is better
  • Xrefs
    • Define
    • Example
    • What they are
    • How to apply them

.5 Days  

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