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Introduction to iOS Platform for Business Users


Chapter 1. Introduction to iOS and XCode

  • Introduction to iOS
  • The iPhone Hardware
  • The iOS Architecture
  • The Core Services Layer
  • The Media Services Layer
  • The Cocoa Touch Layer
  • Introduction to XCode
  • Creating an iOS Project in XCode
  • Project Workspace
  • Adding Classes to a Project
  • Class Browsing
  • Code Completion
  • Building Code
  • Running Your Application
  • Debugging
  • Refactoring Code
  • Summary

Chapter 2. iOS Application Fundamentals

  • Basics of an iOS Application
  • The Application and Its Delegate
  • Creating a Delegate Class
  • Application Lifecycle
  • Application State
  • The Suspended State
  • Application Termination
  • Window and Views
  • The Key Players
  • Create a Window Based Application
  • Key Files in the Application
  • Introduction to Interface Builder
  • Interface Builder GUI
  • The XIB File
  • A Typical XIB File
  • Adding Views to a Window
  • Setting View Attributes
  • Connections
  • Adding an Outlet Variable
  • Connecting an Outlet
  • Adding an Event Handler Method
  • Making an Event Connection
  • The Start Up Sequence
  • Testing and Debugging an Application
  • Summary

Chapter 3. Model View Controller Based Application

The Model View Controller (MVC) Pattern

  • Advantages of MVC
  • Model View Controller in iOS
  • Example: Navigation Controller
  • Controller Hierarchy
  • Usage Pattern Based UI Design
  • iOS Controller Types
  • Example Custom Controller
  • The UIViewController Class
  • Developing a Custom Controller Class
  • Design the Root View
  • Using a Custom Controller
  • Summary

Chapter 4. File System Services

  • Introduction
  • Home Directory Structure
  • Application Provisioning and Files
  • Paths of Standard Application Directories
  • Creating Directories
  • Listing Directory Contents
  • File Management
  • Bulk Read and Write
  • Granular Read and Write
  • Summary

Chapter 5. SQL Database Storage

  • Introduction to SQLite
  • The SQLite API
  • Opening and Closing Database Connection
  • Defining the Schema
  • Creating a Table
  • Inserting or Updating Data
  • Retrieving Rows
  • Bundling Database With Application
  • Summary

Chapter 6. Network Programming

  • Introduction
  • The NSURL Class
  • Simple Content Download
  • Asynchronous HTTP Request
  • NSData to String Conversion
  • Making POST Request
  • Basic Authentication
  • Maintaining HTTP User Session
  • Parsing XML
  • Parsing Using NSXMLParser
  • The Delegate
  • Example Delegate Class
  • Summary

Chapter 7. Multimedia Programming

  • Introduction
  • Playing Audio
  • Steps to Play Audio
  • Advanced Playback Control
  • Monitoring Audio Playback
  • Recording Audio
  • Preparing to Record
  • Control Recording
  • Playing Video
  • Prepare to Play a Movie
  • Start Playing
  • Removing the Player's View
  • Enabling Device Rotation
  • Summary

Chapter 8. Supporting Multiple Devices

The Problem

  • Development Strategy
  • Create a Device Specific Application
  • Creating Device Specific Executables in a Project
  • Create a Universal Application
  • Creating Device Specific Controllers
  • Using Device Specific Views from a Controller
  • Summary

Chapter 9. Application Provisioning

  • Introduction to Provisioning
  • Setting Your Application Icon
  • The Application ID
  • The Provisioning Portal Web Site
  • Enrolling Other Developers
  • Obtaining a Developer Certificate
  • Provisioning Profile
  • Create a Provisioning Profile
  • Set the Code Signing Certificate
  • Unit Testing Using a Device
  • Function Testing Using a Device
  • Distribution Profile
  • Uploading Application to App Store
  • Summary

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