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Introduction to Agile


Grasp the concepts, principles and methods of Agile development and become empowered to execute on your plans for incorporating Agile practices and techniques into your organization. This workshop will give you the foundation of knowledge and experience you need to begin. It is a starting point for you to acquire the techniques, skills and tools that enable you to build Agile discipline.

In addition to defining Agile principles, we will cover the advantages and disadvantages of Agile development. Get first-hand experience by organizing and participating in an Agile team. Put the concepts you learn to practice instantly in the classroom project. Understand and learn how to take advantage of the opportunities for Agile. Finally gain an understanding and practice the collaboration and communication needed between customer and developers for Agile to succeed. Agile methods include Scrum, Extreme Programming, AgileUP, Feature Driven Development, Lean Development, and the Dynamic Systems Development Method.

This information packed course will expose you to an array of ideas, techniques, tools and practices that you can incorporate immediately — all offered to help you successfully integrate Agile development techniques into your SDLC.

Appreciate the history of Agile and how the collection of principles and practices came together to enable customer success

Examine Agile methods, including: Scrum, Extreme Programming, AgileUP, Feature Driven Development, Lean Development and DSDM

Draw best practices from the various methodologies that will contribute to your team success

Talk the talk: learning the Agile terminology, roles and forums with their context

Walk through the processes that support Agile principles to enable the delivery of great products

Begin to map the transition of your existing team or enterprise-level processes, artifacts and forums to Agile

Discover the power of Agile teams through communication, collaboration and cadence

Uncover the pitfalls that teams will encounter in an Agile transition and understand how to overcome those challenges

Lay the foundation upon which you can build a learning team and organization

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2 Days  

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  • Gain 7 PMI PDUs and 6 CPEs upon successful course completion.
  • This class is only offered as virtual instructor-led training.
  • If class start date is less than 5 business days from today, please call for pricing.