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Intro to Agile Engineering


Agile Engineering training that ensures the full value of an Agile practice by firmly tying it to the technical and pragmatic work of your teams.

Realize the Business Value from Practices

By linking the practices to the business value, teams understand the importance of implementing these practices. When a team starts applying these practices, they begin to understand how to make products better and therefore begin to want to do them more. A team that utilizes even some of these practices realizes how important they become and how much it helps them to produce better value which also creates a happier customer that results in more trust.

Discover the Strengths Across the Various Methodologies

Borrowing from a variety of Agile disciplines, the course will introduce and explain a wide range of available tools and techniques that can offer team flexibility in their Agile approach. By combining different ideas from these methodologies, your team will be engaged as they never have been before. You will see that your team will have new insights into their strengths and weaknesses. As the team embraces and uses these strengths, they will see an increase in both their abilities and the satisfaction from the customer.

Go Beyond Just the Principles

After teams have been exposed to the principles of Agile, they are left wondering about the more technical aspects of software development and delivery and how these areas fit into an iterative approach. After experiencing this Agile engineering training course, you will find that the principles are just a starting point for your team to graduate to more sophisticated engineering practices leading to a product that satisfies the customer in a way they have never seen!

In this Introduction to Agile Engineering, you will learn:

  • Common Agile Engineering Practices and there primary intent.
  • Understand value of introducing these practices to your team or organization.
  • Understand the value you can expect from adoption of Agile Engineering Practices.
  • Understand the cost of delaying adoption of the Agile Engineering Practices.
  • Pragmatic and incremental adoption patterns.
  • Apply Agile best practices to form the best mix for your team's success and to create the highest business value.
  • Learn how the Agile practices around architecture and design support a more incremental and emergent project that satisfies more business value.
  • Transform your development processes to reflect the most efficient approach to increase the worth to the customer.
  • Identify the some of the pitfalls that poorly disciplined Agile teams fall into  contributing to failed Agile adoption and implementation attempts.
  • Get a holistic picture on what is possible with Agile Engineering Practices.

Because this is an overview course in the technical practices every Agile team will employ, this course is recommended for any team members responsible for delivering outstanding software through those technical practices. That includes, but is not limited to, the following roles:

  • Project Managers
  • Software Engineers/Programmers
  • Development Managers
  • Product Managers
  • QA Engineers
  • Testers

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This class has no prerequisites.

1 Day  

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