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Agile Boot Camp: A Scrum Hybrid Approach


Making Agility happen

An immersion workshop across the broader aspects of Agile Software Development including: the Methodologies, Principles and Practices including; Requirements, Planning, Development & Testing Practices, and Enterprise Scaling & Adoption Strategies. Youll leave understanding the broad dynamics of Agile software teams, why they work so well, and gain real-world experience and guidance on how to adopt Agility within your teams, for improved team performance, product quality, and business success.

Inside, how to:

  • Navigate the various methodologies, understand the core techniques from each,and how to best mix & match them for your environment
  • Approach requirement gathering from the simple yet powerful perspective of Agile  User Stories
  • Plan from Strategic Vision down to the Daily level, recognizing the value of continuous planning over following a plan.
  • Build a backlog of prioritized stories that foster emergent requirement analysis and customer engagement & understanding
  • Estimate your stories, effectively perform tasks break down, and activate your team towards earned value delivery
  • Pull together Agile release plans that allow you to connect back to business expectationsincluding hard date commitments and fixed price models
  • Apply Agile testing strategies based on unit & acceptance testing that creates a bottom up confirmation that your software works
  • Avoid the top mistakes in rolling out Agility and how to craft an adoption strategy that will work in your organizational context
  • Agility is perceived as a small team/project play; learn the keys to effectively scale Agility to larger teams and across your Enterprise
  • Change your traditional management style to operate more effectively in self-directed Agile teams; focusing on how each team can be most effective

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Who should attend

Because this is an immersion course, where the intent is to engage in the practices every Agile team will employ, this course is recommended for all team members responsible for delivering outstanding software. That includes, but is not limited to, the following roles:

  • Business Analyst
  • Technical Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Software Engineer/Programmer
  • Development Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Product Analyst
  • Tester
  • QA Engineer
  • Documentation Specialist

The Agile Boot Camp: A Scrum Hybrid Approach is a perfect place for cross functional teams to become familiar with Agile methods and learn the basics together. Its also a wonderful springboard for team building & learning. Bring your own project details to work on in class.







3 Days  

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21 PMP PDUs are awarded upon full completion of Agile Boot Camp

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