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Kanban Workshop


In this two-day course, participants learn the concepts, principles, and vocabulary behind Kanban. In this course, you will learn about:

  • Kanban origins and evolution
  • The benefits of Kanban
  • Kanban concepts, principles, and terminology
  • Visualization of Work
  • Limiting Work-In-Process
  • Analyzing the Flow of Work
  • Optimizing your Kanban system
  • Continuous improvement culture
  • Common misunderstandings and pitfalls of Kanban
  • Experiments and analysis to improve team performance
  • Kanban Metrics and Management Reporting
  • Issue Management and Escalation

Immediate Benefits of Attending this Course include:

  1. How Kanban differs from other Agile methodologies
  2. Understand the Kanban core principles
  3. Learn how Kanban is used by software development teams
  4. Practices to improve Kanban team performance
  5. Learn to build visualization methods like a Kanban board
  6. Understand implementation approaches
  7. How to use Work Item Types
  8. How to set up a Card Wall
  9. Setting input and output limits
  10. Setting Work-in-Process Limits
  11. Understand Service Levels Agreements
  12. How to use metrics and tracking methods
  13. How to optimize the Flow of Work
  14. Learn the role of Continuous Improvement
  15. Understand considerations for scaling Kanban
  16. How to Conduct Operations Reviews
  17. Understand sources of Variability
  18. Using the Minimum Marketable Release to break work down

Kanban Overview

Kanban methods have increased in popularity. Going beyond the manufacturing origins, more and more teams in information technology are adopting the practices. Kanban methods go beyond the visual aspects of the Kanban board. In addition to visualizing the work in progress, Kanban provides techniques to manage the flow of work and continuously improve on that flow. The concepts are easy to understand yet difficult to master.

The advantages of a Kanban systems includes flexibility of process, reduced waste, increased productivity, and improved efficiency. Learn to focus on the work that is needed and reduce the time spent on the wrong work.

The Kanban Workshop provides guidance on Kanban implementation and bootstrapping a Kanban system in your own organization. Understand how Kanban is a cultural change initiative and what that shift means.

The Kanban Workshop is for anyone trying to create a cultural framework for continuous improvement; finding the problems, identifying bottlenecks, and managing the work in process. Learn how Kanban can be applied to your software development workflow and how it differs from other development methods.

Organizing and Leading Kanban Teams

The Kanban Method is an adaptive system that helps organizations evolve their processes. It can start small but it can be a catalyst for overall cultural change. Kanban promotes incremental change in process, processes tailored to each project or value stream, and continuous improvement.

Discover Real-World Techniques

This two-day course gives you a jump-start on your Kanban journey, helps you to understand how it differs from other methods, and provides the foundation for applying Kanban principles in your own organization. The case studies and examples demonstrate how other companies leverage Kanban.

In-Class Group Exercises:

In-class exercises help to reinforce the fundamental principles of Kanban and the techniques that will increase their effectiveness. With our exercises, you will learn ways to manage your Kanban initiatives and learn to lead your organization to continuous improvement. Exercises include:

  • Building a Kanban board
  • Documenting a work flow
  • Change a workflow into a Kanban system
  • Kanban Simulation

This is an immersion course and the intent is to engage in the practices every team will employ, this course is recommended for all team members responsible for delivering outstanding software. That includes, but is not limited to, the following roles:

  • Business Analyst
  • Technical Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Software Engineer/Programmer
  • Development Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Product Analyst
  • Tester
  • QA Engineer
  • Documentation Specialist

The Introduction to Kanban Workshop is a perfect place for cross-functional teams to familiarize themselves with Kanban and learn the basics of how to function as an Agile team. It's also a wonderful springboard for team building & learning. We invite you to bring your team and a team project to work on in class.

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2 Days  

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