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A Leaders Guide to Coaching Self-Directed Teams


Learn the roles responsibilities of leading and creating a successful self-directed team.

You've all heard that one of the central aspects of the agile methods is the notion of a self-directed team. But that's easily said and much harder to understand and achieve within your agile transformation efforts. Most teams struggle with truly achieving it because they don't understand the dynamics. And often, managers don't sufficiently change their leadership styles to foster it. And please don't forget that it's much more of an organizational culture shift than it is a "methodology", so true self-direction is bigger than the teams themselves.

Have we frightened you yet with the scope of it?

In this single day workshop, join Agile and Certified Scrum Coach (CSC) Bob Galen as he explores the dynamics of effective self-directed teams and shows you how to foster an environment where you move from the faade of self-direction to engaged and empowered self-directed teams. He'll show you the key steps that need to be made within the team, management, and organizational wide. He'll also explore how to assess your self-direction and come up specific action plans to coach for and improve your self-direction.

But don't be fooled. Self-direction is not something you can dictate, plan, or repair. It's something you influence, foster, emphasize, and realize over time. It's soft in implication, but hard in impact.

So WHY is it important? Because it's the "force multiplier" in effective agile teams. Teams that Jeff Sutherland has discussed in his writings around high-performance Scrum teams. Teams that can deliver 2x, 3x, and more of a performance increase over their "Waterfall" counterparts. Teams that in a wordRock.

Self-direction is the central ingredient to high performing agile teams. Here we explore the HOW to get there...

Things You Will Learn:

  • How to assess your current level of self-direction
  • How to determine impediments and challenges and strategies for working around them
  • At a team level, the importance of agile basics, the retrospective, and coaching to achieving team accountability and self-direction
  • Why failing is a key to self-direction
  • Explore various models: 5 Dysfunctions, Emotional Intelligence, Crucial Conversations and the implications for improving self-direction

Who Should Attend

  • The sweet spot for this workshop are any IT or Software Development leaders who are tasked with or truing to transform their organizations towards agile approaches. This would include C-level, VP-level, Director-level, and Managers. PMO leadership and traditional Project Managers would also benefit from the class, as would Product Management leadership. And of course, Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches will benefit as well. Virtually anyone who struggles with the notion and support of "self-directed teams" will leave the workshop with a better handle on adjustments they need to make to be more effective.

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