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Comprehensive Ajax


This training course teaches AJAX and all of its foundational technologies. XHTML and CSS2 are covered in details. Students will also learn the HTML Document Object Model (DOM) and how to manipulate a page dynamically in the client side using JavaScript. The AJAX API is covered in details. Students will also learn how to build their own AJAX based framework which will help them write complex applications quickly.

  • We cover XHTML and CSS2 in details. Students will be able to write rich AJAX applications.
  • Students learn how to develop an AJAX framework.
  • We teach popular third party AJAX frameworks - such as Dojo.
  • We cover the RPC mechanism - such as - XML and JSON.


  • XHTML.
  • CSS2.
  • HTML Document Object Model (DOM) and the JavaScript API.
  • Client Server RPC mechanisms such as Web Service and JSON.
  • Building an Object Oriented AJAX framework.
  • Third party AJAX frameworks such as DOJO.
  • Best practices and anti-patterns.

What you will learn

After completing this AJAX training course, the student should be able to:

  • Understand what is AJAX and when to use AJAX.
  • Plan the architecture of an application that will use AJAX.
  • Manipulate look and feel and content of a page dynamically and in the client side using JavaScript. Because they learn CSS2 and HTML DOM, they will be able to create impressive visual effects and rich customer experience.
  • Make an AJAX application interact with the server using an RPC mechanism.
  • Know how to build the server side code to support an AJAX client.
  • Use a third party AJAX framework.


  • Web based application developers. The class is designed mainly for the J2EE developers.
  • Web site designers with good knowledge of Java Scripting can also take this class.

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J2EE based web application development. Basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML.

5 Days  

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