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Pat Martino, Logistics writer for JDEtips, is the author and primary instructor of our Procurement Mastery Workshop.  Pat is known for his insights into Procurement, Inventory, and Manufacturing.  Pat doesn't just know the software extremely well, he is also particularly good when it comes to best practices. He understands the business aspects of Procurement.

Many people think that procurement is simply "the process of buying", but the truth is, it is much broader than this and can involve every department in a company. If you've spent any time in or around procurement, you know that it can get to be complex.

Effective use of the JDE Procurement module can provide the means for pulling together all of different areas involved, resulting in simplifying the overall process. Reaching this end can contribute greatly to increasing a company's bottom line.

So whether you're just starting to implement Procurement or looking to upgrade your company's existing set up to make it the cohesive, comprehensive business solution it ought to be, the Mastery Level Procurement course gives you the insight into the intricacies of the module you'll need to build a truly effective solution.

Subjects are covered in the utmost level of detail for students who want to really understand the how the system handles procurement functions, to a point well beyond what can be attained by attending other course offerings.

While this course offers a great deal of procurement know-how applicable to every type of business, its emphasis is on the presentation of real-world, time-tested solutions for the challenges facing distribution and manufacturing companies. Within the course there are sections for accounting and planning and other areas, but its main focus is on inventory-based and non-inventory (expense) procurement supporting distribution and manufacturing operations.


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