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Manufacturing Accounting and Product Costing


In these days of increasingly competitive global markets, it is imperative that management keep a sharp eye on every dollar. For companies with Production Operations, JDE's Manufacturing Accounting and Product Costing are the tools that allow them to do just that.

Management knows that with proper Product Costing and Manufacturing Accounting, operations can be streamlined to boost profits as well. They are keenly aware that many companies already use these tools successfully to control operations...to measure results against budgets...to determine pricing for goods and services...and to make the best use of people, money and materials.

Whether you're just getting started or want to get more out of your current processes, you will get the complete picture of Product Costing and Manufacturing Accounting  from developing product cost models through the implementation of new costs, to accurately accounting for shop floor activity and reconciling WIP!

Unlike other courses which treat Product Costing and Manufacturing Accounting as distinct, isolated topics, the Mastery Level Manufacturing Accounting and Product Costing course treats these subjects as an integrated whole--highlighting the integration points while acknowledging the fact that the end result of meaningful Manufacturing Accounting starts with precise Product Costing.

Perhaps you have started implementing Product Costing and Manufacturing, or are you using it now but want to get more out of it? See If any of the following ring true:

Your product costing process is complicated, convoluted, or problematic?

You would like to be able to spot work order accounting problems before activity even begins?

You want to unravel the mysteries behind manufacturing accounting variances?

You wonder if your WIP Clearing Account is really getting cleared?

You are a World Software user wanting to gain the knowledge to leverage the most out of the new features provided in OneWorld?


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