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Building the Logical Data Model


Apply Proven Techniques for Data Modeling and Improve Business Processes

If you work with distributed teams, including offshore developers and testers, you know that the more distant the development team, the greater the need for precision. Precise doesnt mean bigger documents in more abstruse notations. In this course you will learn a simple and compact system for collaborative modeling that enables you to capture the most information in the smallest space with the least work in a way thats easily testable and highly adaptable. By doing this precise analysis you will deliver more value in less time with higher quality.


  • Learn how to organize a problem domain's concepts into a formal and accurate relational data model.
  • Create tables, columns, relations, and constraints that accurately reflect data requirements.
  • Use basic principles of normalization to ensure consistency. Understand when "de-normalization" is and is not appropriate.
  • Create non-relational data models (such as XML schemas) and learn how to convert between relational and nonrelational models

This course is valuable for anyone who needs to accurately understand and manage the role of data and information in any given business processes or area. Perfect for:

  • Business Analysts
  • DBAs
  • Data Modelers
  • Data Analysts
  • Process Modelers
  • Project Managers

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2 Days  

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