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Prototyping Workshop for Business Analysts


Eliciting and Analyzing User-Centric Requirement via Prototypes

Develop Critical Business Analyst Skills

Any software or technology is expected to solve a business problem for an end user. It makes perfect sense to enable the end user to validate the system before the implementation - to ensure that there are no surprises in the end.

Yes, this sounds so obvious, but it is often amazing to see how teams neglect such a powerful technique like prototyping. Prototyping the user interfaces and workflows early enough will ensure:

  • There are no release time surprises
  • Requirements are captured properly
  • There is clarity in functional scope (in scope and out of scope)

The business analyst has several challenges. To mention a few, the business analyst should:

  • Make sure your stakeholder understands the features required for the final system, so that he won't cry about the scope creep.
  • Ensure your design and development teams understand the requirements, so that they won't miss out any functionality, and at the same time they won't gold-plate the solution.
  • Ensure all workflows are documented
  • Ensure all customer expectations are clearly identified and captured (even those things that were not initially identified).

One approach to meet these challenges is to adopt the prototyping technique, whereby rough demonstrations of the system can be used to develop a better understanding of what is required from both the developer and customer point of view. It also allows the team and customer to try various scenarios to solve a problem which may not have been clearly defined at the start.

This practical workshop provides:

  • Methods to define the user group and site strategy
  • Systematic approach to peeling back the layers of the onion to define the user interface requirements
  • Method to validate the user interface requirements
  • Exposure to digital prototyping tools

Practice Real-World Technique for Immediate Application

This 2-day course gives you hands-on experience with the latest proven techniques for identifying, developing and documenting user interface require¬ments expertly. Lively lectures combined with realistic practice exercises will provide you with the competence and confidence to improve project outcomes. You'll gain a thorough understanding of the challenges faced in defining correct user interface requirements, practical approaches for eliciting, presenting and gaining consensus on these requirements. If you play a role in defining the functionality of a system, you can't afford to miss this course!

Who Should Attend

This course is valuable for all those involved in managing and defining projects.

This seminar is for you if you are a:

  • Business Customer or Partner who wants to work more effectively with IT colleagues to identify project requirements for solving business problems
  • Business Analyst who needs to define or gather users' business requirements
  • Business Systems Analyst who wants to understand user's business requirements, translate them into clear statements of functional and system requirements and add value to IT projects
  • Systems Analyst who must develop correct technical specifications from functional and system requirements
  • Designer or Developer who desires to produce a high-quality system from the functional and systems requirements
  • Project Manager or Team Leader who must ensure that IT project team members correctly understand customer needs and deliver high quality solutions within project constraints

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2 Days  

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Comments on the Course

  • 14 PMP PDUs are awarded upon full completion of this class.
  • Please call for Group Rate for 3 or more registrations. (Registrations must be made at the same time to receive discount)
  • If class start date is less than 5 business days from today, please call for pricing.