KT-4093 Universe Designer XI 3.0/3.1: Universe Design Training - Minneapolis, Minnesota IT MN Technical Financial New York, NY
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Universe Designer XI 3.0/3.1: Universe Design


Skills Gained

  • This core three-day instructor-led course is designed to give you the comprehensive skills needed to design, build and maintain BusinessObjects 6.5, BusinessObjects XI R1/R2, and BusinessObjects XI 3.0/3.1 universes.

  • You should attend this course to understand universe design concepts and terminology, as well as the role of universes in relation to BusinessObjects reporting tools.

  • The course provides an overview of the process for planning, designing and creating a universe and then walks you through the process of designing a universe that responds to identified requirements.

  • The business benefit of this course is that you learn best-practice methodology for creating universes that respond to your reporting requirements.

  • Through well-designed universes, report designers and business users are able to create reports without having to know anything about the underlying data source or structure.

Who Can Benefit

  • This course is designed to teach you how to design BusinessObjects universes using Universe Designer; using BusinessObjects 6.5, BusinessObjects XI R1/R2, or BusinessObjects XI 3.0/3.1.

  • New features covered in the XI 3.0/3.1 course that are not applicable to BusinessObjects 6.5 or XI R1/R2 learners include:
       -Creating a cascading list of values associated with a hierarchy of objects in a universe
       -Creating delegated measures
       -Creating nested derived tables
       -Using Translation Manager
       -Testing universe results in Web Intelligence Rich Client

  • The target audience for this course is anyone responsible for creating and designing universes using Universe Designer, using BusinessObjects XI 3.0/3.1.

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  • Prerequisite Education (If you want to increase your skill level and knowledge of BusinessObjects Web Intelligence™ XI reporting skills and concepts, this course is recommended:)
       -BusinessObjects Web Intelligence XI 3.0/3.1: Report Design

  • Prerequisite Knowledge/Experience (To be successful, you must have working knowledge of:)
       -SQL and relational database management systems concepts and structures
       -Familiarity with the type of data and the logical structure of the databases in your organization
       -Familiarity with BusinessObjects Web Intelligence report building

3 Days  

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