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Succession Planning Boot Camp


This practical, hands-on course teaches organizations how to develop an effective succession planning program.

Are you worried about where you will find your organization's future leaders?

All organizations have employees at various levels that are getting ready for some degree of career transition, however if you do not have a program in place to develop them, they will not be ready for promotion.

Does your organization have a succession planning program?

Organizations that have a program in place are better equipped to handle the progression and retention of employees due to promotions, retirements, or resignations. Lacking a succession planning program, organizations often find they have to replace key employees with external job candidates because internal employees are not developed for important positions. Retention of high performers and high potentials becomes an issue when employees see this pattern repeat itself.

Recognize the benefits of succession planning.

This workshop is intended to help you begin this process, or if you are already involved in succession planning, to enhance your existing program. Studies have proven that organizations are more profitable when the CEO has identified a specific successor as opposed to a CEO that has not recognized a successor. You can be on the cutting edge by not only identifying top leadership successors, but also key position successors throughout all levels of your workplace.

Learn how to develop a succession planning program

There is a proven, systematic process organizations can follow to create a succession planning program to develop and retain employees for the future. This workshop also shows organizations how to manage the process and continuously improve an existing succession planning program.

Immediate benefits of attending this class:

1.Identify specific areas within your organization to initiate a succession planning program

2.Begin a succession planning program at your workplace - 55 percent of organizations do not have a formal program in place

3.Perform a SWOT analysis of the workplace that will identify current and future leadership needs

4.Use strategic planning and business needs to support the succession planning program

5.Start focusing on strategic succession planning programs at the non-executive level - only 10 percent of companies pay attention to levels below CEOs

6.Develop a strategic plan for job descriptions, needs analysis, and strategies to bridge the gaps

7.Create guidelines for implementing career development pathways for Hi-Pos and high performers

8.Establish defined career paths that will help your workplace recruit and retain employees

9.Achieve success rates in performance and promotability - organizations that implement succession planning programs can realize an 80 - 90 percent success rate over organizations that choose to do nothing

10.Maintain a supply of trained, experienced, and motivated employees who are capable of moving into key positions as necessary

11.Learn how to develop different generations in the workplace

12.Establish the foundation for an effective succession planning program

13.Apply best practices to create a succession planning program at your organization

14.Provide guidance, stability, and expectations for key stakeholders of the program, including employees, customers, suppliers, etc

15.Develop strategies to enhance the succession planning program

16.Identify how to align the future needs of the workplace with the availability of employees within the organization

17.Establish methods to measure the effectiveness of the program

18.Develop relationships with Hi-Pos; study the performance and behavior of successors over the years of your program

19.Retain key employees who might leave if they are not formally recognized as Hi-Pos or successors

20.Implement an effective succession planning program that could help you retain up to 98 percent of your workforce and have a recruitment success rate of up to 80 percent

Anyone involved in the strategies for the workplace or succession planning would benefit from this class. This course is perfect for you if you are a(n):

  • Human Resources Professional
  • Small, Medium, or Large Business Owner
  • Leader
  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Informal Leader

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This class has no prerequisites

2 Days  

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This class is offered as a private training session only.  If you would like KTCS to deliver this class for your organization please call us at 866-444-6548.