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DB2 UDB for i Database Coding and Implementation Using DDS and CL Commands



Learn how to code, create and maintain DB2 UDB for i physical and logical files using native Data Description Specifications (DDS) and Control Language (CL) commands. Build a DB2 UDB for i relational database foundation, if you intend to write application programs for the IBM i system, however the course does not address SQL implementation of DB2 UDB for i.

Learn many techniques that, if implemented, enhance the performance of applications using the database.


This is a basic course for individuals who create and maintain a DB2 UDB for i database.


  • Code the DDS and create the physical and logical files necessary to implement a DB2 UDB for i relational database
  • Describe the advantages of a field reference file, code the necessary DDS and create a field reference file
  • Explain how the choices made while coding the DDS and creating the file affect the performance of the system and the programs using the files
  • Describe the considerations for using the DB2 UDB for i referential integrity and triggers

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You must be able to:

  • Use Program Development Manager (PDM) and Source Entry Utility (SEU) to enter source code into a source file
  • Use PDM to create an IBM i object from a source file member
  • Explain the function of DDS in defining files on the i
  • Use Data File Utility (DFU) to maintain a physical file
3 Days  

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