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VMS-FT v4.0 - VMware vSphere: Fast Track v4.0


Duration: 5 Day Hands-On Lab & Lecture Course  


Fast Track provides the quickest way to help you gain a superior set of skills, abilities, and knowledge to build and run a highly available and scalable VMware vSphere environment. The intensive, extendedhours instructor-led class includes the content of three full vSphere classes (Install, Configure, Manage; Manage Availability; and Manage Scalability), plus other advanced topics such as command-line administration. Fast Track also includes over seven hours of self-paced training to jump-start your VMware® knowledge and use as a review tool after class. Upon completing Fast Track, you can take the examination to qualify as a VMware Certified Professional.


  • Install and configure VMware ESX/ESXi, vCenter Server, vCenter Converter, vCenter Server Heartbeat, Data Recovery, and vCenter Update Manager
  • Configure and manage vSphere networking and storage from both graphical and command-line interfaces
  • Create, configure, migrate, convert, monitor, patch, and back up virtual machines and virtual appliances
  • Use VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) to automate resource management
  • Implement high availability and fault-tolerance solutions

Who Should Attend

Experienced system administrators and system integrators who want to achieve superior vSphere skills with minimal time away from the office.

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Comfort with system administration using command-line interfaces

5 Days  

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