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PowerDesigner Master Class


The PowerDesigner class is intended for Business Analysts, Database Administrators, and other professionals interested in data or object modeling with PowerDesigner. It can  be  tailored  to  specific  audiences.  Learn  to  create  conceptual  data  models (CDMs),  to  target  a  specific  DBMS,  and  to  generate  database  DDL  for  database objects. Learn how to reverse-engineer models from existing databases. Understand the  compare  and  merge  model  features,  and  how  to  synchronize  a  database  to  a model  or  vice  versa.  The  repository  for  storing  and  sharing  enterprise  models  is discussed,  and  best  practices  and  appropriate  corporate  adoption  strategies  of PowerDesigner  are  also presented.  The  expanded  class  offers  UML  modeling  using

 PowerDesigner, with emphasis on Object-Oriented analysis and design.

Upon Completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Manage the PowerDesigner workspace
  • Create and manage conceptual data models and object-oriented models.
  • Generate and manage physical data models
  • Create database creation scripts
  • Produce triggers, procedures, and views
  • Reverse engineer an existing
  • database
  • Create and reuse reports effectively
  • Generate SQL DDL
  • Understand how to use the repository.
  • Understand the differences between physical, conceptual, and object-
  • oriented models
  • Compare and merge models Synchronize physical data models with databases
  • Use and interpret UML class model notation.
  • Collect information relevant to the
  • development of class diagrams
  • Reverse engineer OO Language code

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Who Should Attend

  • Individuals responsible for the design, implementation, and management of relational databases including Database Administrators and Data Analysts and Modelers
  • Systems Analysts and Application Developers with data modeling responsibilities. Application Developers seeking to leverage UML and relational modeling techniques in the development of an object-oriented system using languages  such as Java, PowerBuilder, C#, or VB.Net


  • Understanding of relational database concepts and database implementation issues.
  • Exposure to entity relationship (ER) data modeling and data normalization.
  • Experience with logical database design.


3 Days  

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