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DataStage Essentials V8.1


Learn about the features of IBM WebSphere DataStage V8.1 and learn how to build and run DataStage Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) jobs.

Learn about DataStage V8.1 in its IBM Information Server environment. Learn how to build DataStage parallel jobs that read and write data to and from a variety of data stores including sequential files, data sets, and relational tables. Also, learn how to build parallel jobs that process data in a variety of ways: business transformations, data filtering, data combining, data generation, sorting, and aggregating.

Skills taught 

  • Combine data using lookup, join, and merge stages  
  • Create jobs that read from and write to sequential files  
  • Make jobs that read from and write to a relational database using the connector stages  
  • Build jobs that process data using transformations, combinations, filterings, sortings and aggregations  
  • Conduct searches and impact analyses  
  • Produce job reports  
  • Construct DataStage users  
  • Administer the DataStage environment

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You should have:

  • Knowledge of UNIX or Windows NT administration  
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP and basic network principles  
  • Data modeling experience  
  • Familiarity with Open Database Connectivity


  • This is a basic course for project administrators and ETL developers responsible for data extraction and transformation using DataStage
4 Days  

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