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Metadata Workbench Essentials


Learn the uses and features of Metadata Workbench within the Information Server environment. This course looks at the Metadata Workbench from both an Administrator and User point of view.

From the User point of view, the course discusses how to explore and analyze metadata stored in the Information Server (IS) Repository, including DataStage jobs, databases, files, FastTrack mapping specifications, Business Glossary Terms and Stewards, as well as metadata that is imported into the Information Server Repository from external applications, including business intelligence reporting tools and data modeling software. Analyses include impact analysis and data lineage reports in both textual and graphical formats.

From the Administrator point of view, the course discusses how to import metadata into the IS Repository and to prepare it to be viewed and analyzed within Metadata Workbench. Administrative topics include running Automated Services, creating manual linkages, and creating mapping extensions to applications and data sources outside of IS, so that analyses can track the flow of data into and outside of IS.


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This intermediate course is designed for new Users and Administrators of Metadata Workbench who want to achieve a working level knowledge of the product.


You should have:

  • Basic understanding of data sources and systems, including relational systems and file systems.  
  • Some understanding of Extraction Transformation Load (ETL) tools and/or processes from a technical or business analyst point of view.  
  • Some familiarity with Information Server and its hosted applications, especially DataStage, is desirable.
3 Days  

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