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Implementing SOA Governance


IT governance provides a thorough management process for IT activities. All aspects of IT, starting from strategy to execution, are closely managed and continuously improved. SOA adds new challenges and hence IT governance processes need to be extended.

This course builds a foundation by covering IT governance. Many organizations may not have IT governance put in place. This foundation will be especially beneficial to them. The course builds on this foundation by covering SOA governance.

The course offers practical knowledge of how to actually implement IT and SOA governance in an organization. We have designed the course in such a way that the students will be able to get started with instituting a governance practice from scratch.


  • IT governance using ITIL
  • How to implement IT governance
  • Governance models
  • New management challenges brought about by SOA
  • How to implement SOA governance
  • Funding models for SOA initiatives
  • Establishing an SOA Center of Excellence (COE)
  • SOA governance by policy

What you will learn

  • After completing this course, the student should be able to: Understand the need for governance and how many aspects of the business (such as sales and finance) are already strictly governed.
  • Learn the IT practices that need to be governed (such as change management and availability).
  • Learn the SOA practices that need to be governed (such as interoperability and architecture dispute resolution).
  • Measure key metrics and make decisions based on them (that will lead to continuous improvement).
  • Institute a well documented governance model within the organizations.
  • On a day to day basis, enforce compliance with the model, gather key metrics and change IT practices based on the metrics.


This course is applicable to IT project managers, Architects, and Sr. Managers who fund IT projects and would like to ensure a better ROI.

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Basic project management skills

3 Days  

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