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A Short Course for Sponsors


This one-day workshop provides sponsors with the information and skills they need to oversee projects effectively. Learn how to write a charter in order to appropriately direct the project right from the start. Learn to review the scope plan to assure the customer will be satisfied with the final deliverable of the project. Review the projects organizational plan for appropriate structure and accountability. Learn the right approach to performing a risk assessment. Understand what should be in a resource plan. Learn what create change management procedures should be used. Walk through the generic status report form that is provided with the course. By using a standard status report form each project team will provide you with the same critical information about their project in the same format. Learn the keys to project leadership and much more.

Project sponsorship is key to creating successful projects. Most managers have not been taught what they need to know to be effective sponsors. This short course will jump start their ability to direct and oversee projects. This workshop, like all the management workshops, can be customized to meet the needs of your management team.

Audience: Project sponsors and resource/functional managers

Learning Objectives: The major learning objectives for the workshop include:

  • Improve your ability to oversee projects
  • Manage the project leader more effectively
  • Ensure that projects are on track
  • Understand the role the sponsor should play in creating a successful project


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