KT-3370 Macromedia Flash 8/MX/MX2004 Level 2: Advanced Training - Minneapolis, Minnesota IT MN Technical Financial New York, NY
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Macromedia Flash 8/MX/MX2004 Level 2: Advanced


Lesson 1: Symbols and Instances

  • Topic 1A: What is a Symbol?
  • Topic 1B: Graphic Symbols
  • Topic 1C: Movie Clip Symbols
  • Topic 1D: Button Symbols
  • Topic 1E: Managing Symbols and Instances

Lesson 2: Organizing Large Projects

  • Topic 2A: Scenes
  • Topic 2B: Frame Labels

Lesson 3: Interactivity in Flash

  • Topic 3A: Basic Playback Control
  • Topic 3B: Creating Advanced Navigation Controls

Lesson 4: Working with Sound

  • Topic 4A: Importing Sounds
  • Topic 4B: Event vs. Streaming Sounds

Lesson 5: Testing and Publishing a Flash Movie

  • Topic 5A: Evaluating Download Performance
  • Topic 5B: Optimization Factors
  • Topic 5C: Exporting and Publishing Movies


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To ensure your success, you should have familiarity with the Windows operating system. We also recommend you first take the following course or have equivalent knowledge

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