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Google Marketing Boot Camp


This Google training course will give you the knowledge and experience necessary to transform into a highly qualified online marketer.

This Google training course will teach you real-world skills including:

  • Use tools provided by Google to increase website traffic through better search engine rankings, i.e., search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Use content, including your social media presence, as a crucial SEO component.
  • Optimize your landing pages to get more conversions and produce higher sales.
  • Obtain new customers through optimized content and a Google AdWords PPC campaign.
  • Build an AdWords campaign from start to finish.
  • Get the most from your online advertising dollars by reaching the right audience via effective targeting of your PPC ads.
  • Effectively apply geo-targeting to PPC campaigns.
  • Mine the data derived from Google Analytics' real-time views of your website traffic to profile users and their behavior./li>
  • Use Google Analytics to determine which new tweets, blog posts and other content draw the most response and how much traffic your latest promotion is driving to your site.
  • Produce analytical reports customized for individual segments of your business.

If your business is online, you need to know how to successfully implement and analyze Google-based Internet marketing campaigns. Google Webmaster Tools, when properly understood, not only help you attract, retain and convert web traffic, but also enable you to identify key characteristics of your online customer base and these potential buyers' behavior while on your site. This course will teach you to combine quality content with the tools offered by AdWords and Google Analytics to become a powerful online marketer. You can than use this insight to tailor content to customers you are reaching as well as those you want to reach. Once you've completed our training, you'll be on your way to become a certified Google professional. Very few marketers who are not solely focused on AdWords or Analytics have this qualification.

12 Immediate Benefits of attending this course:

  • A complete understanding of Google Webmaster Tools and their application to a doable SEO program for your company's website, blogs, social media and other marketing content.
  • The structure of an AdWords PPC campaign that you can implement as part of your business's marketing strategy.
  • Skills to optimize content, landing pages, and PPC campaigns.
  • Ability to analyze data captured by Google Analytics and an understanding of their application to your content marketing programs.
  • Ability to track website user activity, including bounce and conversion rates.
  • Ability to profile users by browser and operating system use, age, location, how they find your content, and how loyal and engaged they are with your site.
  • Ability to tailor website activity reports according to your company's goals and objectives, and the progress you are making toward them.
  • Ability to make marketing decisions that are smarter and more in tune with your company's real needs.
  • Valuable updates to your company's Google account applied during the workshop.
  • Preparation to become certified in Google AdWords.
  • Free tools, templates and case studies that you won't get anywhere else.
  • Emailed updates about developments in Google Webmaster Tools, AdWords, Google Analytics, and associated programs and trends.

Who Should Attend Google Marketing Training

This course is a great skills developer for:

  • Website Developers/Managers
  • Website Content Managers
  • Marketing Managers/Directors / CMOs
  • Marketing Account Executives
  • Marketing Coordinators/Specialists
  • SEO Managers/Specialists
  • Content/Copy Editors
  • Content/Copy Writers
  • Brand/Product Managers
  • Communications Managers/Specialists
  • Public Relations Managers/Representatives
  • Small Business Owners

No prior experience is needed to take and successfully complete this Google training course.

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  • No prior experience is needed to take and successfully complete this course
3 Days  

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