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JavaScript and DOM Scripting Level 1


Starting with an overview of web development we'll cover basic JavaScript skills, testing and debugging with Firebug, data input and output and working with core JavaScript objects like numbers, strings and dates.  You will learn how to code control statements to create and use arrays and functions.  XHTML and CSS will be explored as part of the Document Object Model 

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This class is for any professional web developer who wants to use JavaScript effectively.

That includes web developers who know XHTML and CSS and are ready to master JavaScript. It includes web developers who program in ASP.NET, JSP, or PHP on the server side and now want to master client-side coding. And it includes web developers who have already read 3 or 4 JavaScript or DOM scripting books but still don't know how to do the type of DOM scripting that's required in real-world applications.

2 Days  

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