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Advanced JavaScript Topics


While the outline lists what may be familiar topics, the focus is on how these constructs really work in the JavaScript language. How are they implemented, what are the efficiency concerns, and what are the best practices? We start off with what looks like JavaScript basics but really dives to a deeper level that introductory courses never mention and even experienced JavaScript programmers may never have encountered.

Single-threading issues in JavaScript are usually addressed from the topic of asynchronous operations, but how does single-threading really affect t how a page is loaded and functions in the browser? We will look at how the browser and JavaScript work together and what really happens in the single-threaded environment. When we really need it Web Workers are one way to offload work into another thread asynchronously.

How do objects really work in JavaScript? What are the best practices for defining them? Are closures or prototypes the best-practice for efficient programming?

Deployment is the last phase of every project life-cycle, even iterative Agile projects. We have some choices to make: monolithic scripts vs. dynamic module loading, locally hosted scripts vs. content delivery networks. None of them are bad, but what are the positives and negatives of these choices?

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JavaScript Programming experience required

3 Days  

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