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IMS Basic Programming Techniques


Students will gain an understanding of the hierarchical concepts of IMS; the IMS database structures and their impact on programs; the process of defining database structures; database access and update methods; methods of validating database access and updates; and, commonly used command codes.


At the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the basic IMS components (DBD and PSB)
  • Be able to code batch IMS programs the read, insert, update and delete IMS databases
  • Code all required programs such as calls, entry, SSAs (qualified and unqualified) and PCBs in the linkage section
  • Understand how to work within a hierarchical structure
  • Understand and utilize command codes including path calls


  • Database Definition
  • Program Specification Block
  • CALL Statement and its Parameters
  • Linkage Section of a COBOL Program
  • RETRIEVE Functions (GU, GN, GNP)
  • UPDATE Functions (ISRT, REPL, DLET)


Programmers responsible for writing application programs which will access IMS databases.

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Experience with a high level programming language such as COBOL, PL/1 or C. Experience with TSO/ISPF. Experience with program compilation procedures.

3 Days  

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