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MVS JCL Workshop


This course consists of specialized labs and lecture designed to acclimate users to the IBM mainframe Job Control Language using the z/OS operating system. The student is introduced to the MVS JCL language used for production processing.


  • Identify Job Control Language: format and syntax
  • Define the JOB and JOB STEP concepts
  • EXEC statement
  • DD statements
  • Referbacks and concatenation
  • PROC and PEND statements
  • JCLLIB statement
  • INCLUDE and SET statements
  • IF, THEN, ELSE and ENDIF statements
  • Code JCL and control statements required for proper execution of utility programs


This course is designed for personnel who are new to the MVS operating system or are seeking a refresher course in basic terminology, and JCL program execution.

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The student must have basic knowledge of TSO/ISPF.

3 Days  

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