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Federal Trade Commission Custom Linux Training


  Morning Session

Chapter 1: Getting Started

-          What is UNIX?

-          A Brief History of UNIX

-          Linux

-          The Toolkit Philosophy

-          Linux Distributions

-          Free Software and Open Source

-          Movements

-          Logging In

-          Logging Out

-          Try a Few More Commands

-          Changing Your Password

-          Online Documentation – man Pages

-          Online Documentation – info Pages

Chapter 2: The File System – Files

-          The ls Command

-          The cat Command

-          The more and less Commands

-          The head and tail Commands

-          Copy, Rename, and Delete: cp, mv, rm

-          File Names

-          Working with MS-DOS Disks: mtools

Chapter 3: The File System – Directories

-          Hierarchical File System

-          Pathnames

-          pwd and cd – Navigating Directories

-          mkdir and rmdir - Managing Directories

-          The cp Command (again) – Copy Files

-          Two Useful Directory Names - . and ..

Chapter 4: Text Editors

-          Linux Text Editors

-          The pico Editor

-          The Nedit Editor

-          The Emacs Text Editor

-          The vi Text Editor Family


Afternoon Session

Chapter 5: Editing with vi

-          What is vi?

-          Getting Started - vi Buffering

-          Command Mode and Insert Mode

-          Getting Started

-          Moving the Cursor Around

-          Inserting Text

-          Deleting a Character or Line

-          Undo Last Command

-          Opening a New Line

-          Save Your Work or Abort the Session

-         Review of vi Commands

Chapter 6: Personal Utilities

-          The date Utility

-          The bc Utility

-          The cal Utility

-          The id Utility

-          The uname Utility

-          The script Utility

-          The clear Utility

-          The crontab Utility

Chapter 7: Text Handling Utilities

-          The grep Utility

-          The tr Utility

-          The cut Utility

-          The sort Utility

-          The wc Utility

-          The diff Utility

Chapter 8: File System Security

-          File Permissions

-          The chmod Utility

-          Directory Permissions

-          The umask Command

-         The chown, chgrp, and su Commands

1 Days  

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