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Content Marketing


In this content marketing training course you will learn to optimize your search visibility and website traffic using concise, highimpact content marketing strategies

Content marketing is a longterm strategy that includes developing original, relevant content for your users and customers. It encompasses all marketing formats that involve creation and sharing of content in order to acquire and engage your customers. This content marketing training course will teach you how to build your business by leveraging the content you already have, create new content for marketing, and update your search engine optimization so people can find your great content, resulting in increased leads, more sales and better relationships with your customers.

For quite some time, marketers have been touting that content is king. This is true now more than ever. With constant updates to search engine algorithms, specifically Google's, the best way to drive and increase traffic to your website is with content marketing. You can have what you think is the best content to market your product or service, but if nobody sees it, there are no results. This course teaches you to understand why people share information, how they share it, and how that benefits you.

In this content marketing training course you will learn how to brainstorm, develop and refine your marketing strategy, including ideas and content for blog posts, web seminars, web copy, email blasts and much more. Handson activities will take you through content marketing case studies and allow you to develop ideas and content for you to immediately apply to your company.

Top Reasons to Take This Content Marketing Training Course:

  • Track your results properly  both success and failure
  • Learn exactly what content marketing is and how to incorporate it into your business
  • Learn to publish your content and incorporate SEO into your strategy so people can find you
  • Increase traffic coming to your website(s)
  • Learn to engage your customers with your content
  • Optimize what you already have and create GREAT content with it  you don't need to start from scratch
  • Develop a strategy to create content for what your customers want  not what you think they want
  • Discover how content marketing can be a cohesive blend with your other marketing tactics, not competition
  • Learn which channels work, why, and how to incorporate them into your marketing plan
  • Use social media to communicate better in your networks, and more efficiently

The Following may benefit the most from this course:

  • Marketing managers
  • Marketing specialists
  • Product marketing managers
  • Product managers
  • CMOs
  • Web content managers
  • Web content editors
  • Web developers
  • SEO specialists
  • Copywriters
  • Freelance writers
  • Brand managers
  • Product managers
  • Communications specialists

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This class has no prerequisites.

2 Days  

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This class is a 2-Day Public Session and a 3-Day Virtual Session