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Ameriprise Custom Access Training


Level 1

Unit 2: Databases and tables

  • Topic A: Planning and designing databases
  • Topic B: Exploring tables
  • Topic C: Creating tables

Unit 4: Data entry rules

  • Topic A: Setting field properties

Unit 5: Basic queries

  • Topic A: Creating and using queries
  • Topic B: Modifying query results and queries
  • Topic C: Performing operations in queries

Level 2

Unit 1: Relational databases

  • Topic A: Database normalization –  HIGH LEVEL - NOT SURE WHAT THIS IS
  • Topic B: Table relationships – HIGH LEVEL - NOT SURE WHAT THIS IS
  • Topic C: Referential integrity

Unit 2: Related tables

  • Topic A: Creating lookup fields – HIGH LEVEL - NOT SURE WHAT THIS IS
  • Topic B: Modifying lookup fields– HIGH LEVEL - NOT SURE WHAT THIS IS
  • Topic C: Subdatasheets

Unit 3: Complex queries

  • Topic A: Joining tables in queries
  • Topic B: Using calculated fields

Unit 5: Reports and printing

  • Topic B: Calculated values

Level 3

Unit 2: Advanced queries

  • Topic A: Creating crosstab queries
  • Topic B: Creating parameter queries
  • Topic C: Using action queries

Unit 5: Importing, exporting, and linking objects

  • Topic A: Importing objects
  • Topic B: Exporting objects

1 Day  

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